How Can I Recognize Authentic Vintage Chanel Jewelry?

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Buyers of second-hand jewelry often want to know how to authenticate pieces which are offered to them as Chanel. Although counterfeiters make it harder every year to spot the fakes, there are still some ways that you can "determine the authenticity of a piece of Chanel jewelry just by examining pictures of the item" as The2ndHandGuide suggests. Learning how to discover authentic vintage Chanel jewelry can help you to find the right pieces for your collection, and Lady Danger Vintage can help you to learn more about how to tell the real from the fake when you are buying period Chanel items.

Looking At The Markings

One of the most basic ways to tell a real piece of Chanel is from the markings made on the pieces by the company. The initial pieces made by Chanel were not signed, but they are exceptionally rare and need to be authenticated by a specialist. It is only after 1954 that pieces began to be signed, and from then until 1971 the "Chanel" was stamped onto the piece or included in a tag. After 1971, a new owner took out registration and copyright on the mark and used those within the Chanel stamp. It is at this time that the CC logo and Made in France both appear on Chanel pieces. In the 1980s, a date was added, only to be lost by the 90s and then added again in 1993. In 1990-91 the CC logo was added to the center of the stamp. These are all very helpful in identifying real Chanel jewelry and giving it a precise date.

Reading The Marks

The key to identifying a real date stamp from Chanel lies in being able to read it clearly. Fake Chanel pieces often come with a date stamp which is either incorrect - too early or too late for the period when that design was made - or misspelled. What is common to all of them, even the most well-made of fakes, is that the writing is extremely blurry, and sometimes cannot be clearly read even under a magnifying glass.  This is something that can easily be seen even on a photograph, and while older Chanel pieces might look worn, they don't have the same lack of style in the stamp as a fake Chanel will.

Finding Authentic Vintage Chanel Jewelry

Although it is easy to identify real Chanel jewelry by noting the date and the quality of the plaque stamp, it is still much easier to get authentic jewelry made by Chanel if you put your faith in a reliable dealer. Not all sellers online, particularly on auction sites, are honest about the standard of their pieces, but an established website with a seller that trades mostly in Chanel pieces should be trustworthy, since they rely upon their honesty to get a good deal. Find out more about how teams like the Chanel Vintage Store can help you find the perfect piece by contacting us online now.


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