Why Should You Buy Vintage Chanel Jewelry?

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Even though it was over a century ago that Coco Channel set her standard for elegance, she continues to have an influence on the fashion industry. Her brand is still instantly recognizable and while imitation Chanel jewelry is available today, there is nothing that beats the allure of authentic vintage Chanel jewelry. Her jewelry, including earrings, necklaces and bracelets, is still sought after and this provides proof of its everlasting appeal. Here are some reasons to buy Chanel for your collection.

Chanel vintage jewelry is made to last

Chanel jewelry was made to last. Vintage black quilted earrings with the eye-catching CC logo will enhance any outfit on any occasion. The interlocking CC logo is a signature of Channel earrings. These are earrings you will never have to fear breaking or damaging. A rare baroque choker necklace with a medallion or a chain link gold choker necklace will create a real statement piece that’s reassuringly solid. These timeless pieces will last and last if they are stored correctly.

Classic, timeless designs

Coco Channel believed that true elegance came with simplicity of design. Everything she created was comfortable, practical and can still be worn today.  She had a real talent for combining just the right jewelry with her classic suits.  Women still wear her classic suits with pride today and like to accompany them with authentic jewelry.  Her pieces show impeccable craftsmanship and each one is special because it holds so much history.

It retains value over time

Chanel vintage jewelry is an asset and retains its value over time. It has resale value if you decide to sell it, unlike costume jewelry that doesn’t have value.  As genuine articles of Chanel jewelry grow scarcer over time, their value increases.

Passing on treasured items to children or relatives means you will give them something with sentimental and monetary value. These prized possessions will help further generations of women to experience what it is like to wear timelessly chic accessories. Chanel jewelry has truly stood the test of time.

It is versatile

The pieces of jewelry are versatile in that they use so many different materials, including pearls, gold, silver and other precious stones. The designs are also varied and most collectors want to own at the very least a pair of Chanel earrings that go with everything, a gold broach embellished with pearls, a silver bracelet and a gold chain necklace.

A gold CC medallion choker on a thick gold chain will add a touch of refinement to any modern outfit. There is a piece of Channel jewelry to suit every woman’s taste.

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